Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Editorial the Seconde

If I am to ever make use of all the rules systems and games I own I must put my face into the fire and congregate with similar minded individuals. I have managed to host a couple of Call of Cthulhu sessions with intrigued friends but I think some of them found it to be overwhelming, having no previous roleplaying experience. Perhaps a 1920s investigative game isn't what immediately springs to mind when most people think of roleplaying games, and it might not have been the best choice as an introduction to the hobby to newcomers, but it was the investigative aspect and setting/theme of Call of Cthulhu that sold me on roleplaying games in the first place so I thought "if I enjoy it, so should others". But alas, my organisational skills are severely lacking and people lead busy lives so roleplaying has sat down in the back seat and strapped itself in whilst someone else takes the wheel for a while.

But there is hope upon the horizon, as old friends get back into the gaming hobby (not video games ffs) and dig out their old games, ready to get back into the thrall. A mate of mine has retrieved his copy of Blood Bowl (a game I've always wanted to get into but never had the opportunity) from his mum's house and we've been discussing other games such as Dark Future, Talisman and HeroQuest (which I've had a few sessions with a couple of different groups of people recently) for a regular, possibly fortnightly gaming night/day/occurrence in time. Though previously hosting such sessions has been a breeze, my current living situation is coming to an end and I must return to the far away hills of my parental abode until I find somewhere else to rest my weary ligaments and copious belongings, making it somewhat difficult to host games. So it looks like I'll be carting my games citywards, which doesn't bother me in the slightest, I'll just be glad to be getting back into it and hanging out with a few good mates.

Until next time...

- the Witchfinder In General (AKA: Witchsmeller Pursuivant/Sat├ónico Profanador/Jaguar Fancy/Dungeon Dave/J.R.G.)

Editorial the Firste

Hail to ye who hath stumbled hereupon my realm.

The previous incarnation of this blog was disjointed and unfocused, all over the shop. So here's to new beginnings! (this is where you raise your drinking horns and cry out in unbridled enthusiasm). With a new name, a new look and new content Witchfinder In General is ready to conquer the new year like the low mongrel dog that it is.

The focus of this blog will be on 'Eavy Metal Leadbangers (ie. small metal miniatures) and the occasional Heavy Metal Headbangers (ie. music). There is an undeniable link between these two, as many involved in the miniature painting hobby will no doubt agree, and I don't feel it necessary to go into too much detail as I'm pretty certain it has been written about beforehand on another blog (I will try to find the article I'm thinking of). My love for both of these things has been with me since childhood and will be with me until the synapses stop firing, all cerebral electricity has been reduced to zero and my corporeal existence annulled. So once again, raise your drinks to heavy metal and lead. I know I will.

I leave you with Accept - Russian Roulette. (WARGAMES! KILLED IN ACTION!)

- the Witchfinder In General (AKA: Witchsmeller Pursuivant/Satânico Profanador/Jaguar Fancy/Dungeon Dave/J.R.G.)