Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Buy It Now!

So I've been on a little ebay bender of late, snatching up some very nice books (Heroes for Wargames came in the mail last week!) waiting on Call of Cthulhu 3rd edition & 3 issues of Dagon, and some tasty miniatures (Iron Claw "Dambo Kweltz", RT Imperial troopers, etc.). I should probably stop... But now I want these...
The whole top row are great!
3rd on the right, the rest don't really tickle me fancy.
Mirilton "Future Warrior" range Bike Gang[CW1515] & Rebels[CW1504], respectively.

I reckon they'd make great Space 'Pirates'/Rogue Traders, especially the large guy in the Rebels pack, looks like an intimidating space trucker, and the babes in the Bike Gang are perfect.

Bring on next pay day...

...or I'll just...

Buy It Now! I should probably save some money for food or something just as useless...

Until the next instalment of my bland existence: have some bloody virtue why don't ya?

the Witchfinder In General (AKA: Witchsmeller Pursuivant/Satânico Profanador/Jaguar Fancy/J.R.G.)

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Old Photos

Here are some terrible shots of the miniatures I was working on before they were boxed away for the move. A webcam was the only camera I had available, expect a higher standard of photography to come about in the following weeks!

FTS14 Skeleton Priest V4 & some Nightmare Legion.

Metal Magic C1105i Female Thief w/ Cloak. Going to have to try and fix this one as I ballsed it up not long after this photo was taken.

Metal Magic C1019d Executioner, Foundry unreleased Renaissance Halberdier & GW Warhawk.

HeroQuest Barbarian.

FoW Hummel.

I tend to start projects, get excited by something else, start a different project, get excited by an old project, etc. so I work in irregular cycles I guess. It's been pretty frustrating having everything in storage, I can't paint, I can't draw inspiration from the various tomes of excellence, I can't do very much at all! Thankfully this will come to an end soon enough as I retire to greener pastures amongst the trees to the north-east for a while to clear my mind. Plenty of desk space, plenty of light, plenty of room for storage, fresh air, a swimming pool in the backyard and peace and (relative) quiet! Maybe I can finally get started on my Dr. Who miniatures project. Can't wait!

"Riding down fantasy's highway, another hero waits to be born..."

- the Witchfinder In General (AKA: Witchsmeller Pursuivant/Satânico Profanador/Jaguar Fancy/J.R.G.)

Friday, 14 March 2014

A quiet Friday night... on ebay.

After the previous night's alcoholic intake I decided to have a quiet one this Friday, only to spend it leisurely perusing the bay of E for potential bargains. It seems my sagely decision warranted good fortune as my weary gaze happened upon a copy of Stewart Parkinson's "Heroes for Wargames". Having wanted this particular tome for a while now, I was instantly sold. It was only when I started looking into the seller's other items when the real fortune struck in the form of, as he appears in the aforementioned Heroes for Wargaming, a 'Deep space mercenary' AKA: LE2 Imperial Space Marine.

On top of this I decided to roll up a Rogue Trader warband using the Random Inquisitor table over at the leadpile (great blog!). The results were as follows: 1st Roll: 51 (1d6 Stormtroopers, rolled a 3), 2nd Roll: 39 (1d6 Squats, rolled a 1), 3rd and final Roll: 85 (1 Navigator).

Courtesy of the Stuff of Legends website.

So I began searching ebay afresh for suitable models within my price range, finding three options for the troopers for a reasonable price of roughly $4 each. Trooper Harrison from RTO5, Trooper Mosley from RT501 & Trooper Bainbridge from RT501b. I ended up purchasing the first two but not the last, as he didn't really fit with the others aesthetically in my opinion. So in conclusion: I'm still searching for a Navigator, one more trooper & a lone squat to get a good start on my warband.

The LeadQuest continues...

I leave you with an absolute banger from Dutch band Seducer which appeared on the killer 'Dutch Steel' compilation. So here it is: Seducer - Torcher. Cop a load.

- the Witchfinder In General (AKA: Witchsmeller Pursuivant/Satânico Profanador/Jaguar Fancy/J.R.G.)