Saturday, 21 June 2014

Creating the FCR-87™

    Well, due to complications unforeseen, I've failed the 6th Chico's Challenge. I got a bit too excited and decided not to strip my LE02 marine of its previous black undercoat and just spray on a quick'n'thin layer of white over the top. But to my dismay, however, whoever had this mini previously had undercoated it in something strange which reacted with the white spray and blobbed up, obscuring details. So naturally into the Dettol he went and he's sitting in front of me with a fresh white priming, waiting patiently to be painted.

I might've failed to paint up the marine in time but I decided shortly after my last post (after weeks of deliberation, procrastination and design sketches which kind of went out the window once I found something suitable to use as the main chassis) to assemble some sort of spacecraft for my growing (yet still naked) warband while the marine sat in the hospital grade bath. The following is a press release sent out by FynderCorp® whilst the vessel is in its construction and conception stages:

    Small time merchants beware... there's a brand new compact cargo runner coming soon and it's got its eyes all over your hard earned credits! Introducing the latest in lightweight transporter crafts, the FynderCorp® FCR-87™ (FynderCorp® Cargo Runner™) aka: 'The Facker'.
    This compact craft is simply stunning! Licensed to carry 6 humanoids comfortably (or 7 at a squeeze) with no cargo on board, plus its very own pilot (pilot not supplied). What it lacks in storage is only doubly compensated with it's speed and manoeuvrability, due to it's aeronautodynamic™ design specially forumulated™ by a congress of the universe's top leading ahead-of-the-rest engineers. And the extras!
    The FCR-87™ is a fully equipped cargo, transport & reconnaissance vessel with all the functioning capabilities implied therein! The sleek design accommodates for convenience with the spacious fold-down* airlock stair laden side-exit doorway hatch, allowing easy access to or from the lush interior. An even roomier aperture lies directly opposite: the beautiful fold-down* cargo bay, allowing your cargo to be easily loaded, accessed and unloaded with all the comforts of home or away. Speaking of home, let's take a look inside!

[:End Report:]

There's a lot of work still yet to do!
    I'm short on technical supplies at the moment but I've ordered in some parts... Does anyone know where I could find some suitable interface type doodads to flesh out the cockpit with? It's bare as hell in there.

The general shell of the craft is an AirWick scent dispenser that was lying around unused, figured it'd be a nice shape to start with.

And here's a fitting shot of the FCR-87 from behind as we reach the end of the post...

- The Witchfinder in General.

*Does not actually fold down.


  1. Inspired work. Can't wait to see the finished thing. For the cockpit, Antenocitis have some tech bits that will work:

  2. Ah yes, I ordered some bits and bobs from them not too long ago after seeing their products on your blog, cheers! The order turned up today, quite happy with the prompt delivery. I managed to sort out something passable for the main controls with two of the wallmount computer options from Antenocitis. I wouldn't mind some smaller items too but I can probably whip something up if I put enough effort into it.