Sunday, 13 July 2014

Newcomers & Outers

    The sleepy village of Fyndertowne is growing in population and I must extend my utmost gratitude to Craig at Turnkey Miniatures for including the little stowaway feline I wasn't expecting, Fyndertown is now safe from those dirty ratmen raids! But what about those rowdy drunken newcomers? There's a few Tom Meier & Murch sculpts in the mix here which is nice, but in all truthfulness my favourites are the Metal Magic recasts (on the left).
    And thanks to Mr. Conway on the FB group the FCR-87 now has a pilot!
Someone thinks he can steer with his toes... Bloody lazy bugger.
That's it for now I reckon, back to painting my woodcutter...

- The Witchfinder In General.

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