Monday, 4 January 2016


A long time ago in a painting queue far, 
far away....

Episode I

It is a time of space fights.
Rabble  spaceships, striking
from  their  invisible  hideouts,
have won an initial victory against
the purportedly bad Galaxial Imperium.

During the fights, Rabble spies
stole secret plans to the Imperium's
ultimate weapon, the DEADLY SPHERE,
an armoured space station with enough force to
destroy an entire planet and its inhabitants to death.

All this has no bearing whatsoever on Duke Skywarper, 
ex-Rabble starfighter turned mercenary-merchant-gun-for-hire.

Duke and his Robert-Man™ brand robot sidekick Artie.
    2015 was a busy and turbulent year, though my count of completed miniatures is higher than last year's, it's still not very many. I'd had an Iron Claw space pirate Dambo Kweltz sitting around for aeons, waiting for some sort of paintjob but I had no idea where to even begin! Then, in a spark of inspiration it hit me, and now: Space Fights is born.
    I've managed to scour my collection for suitable characters and, though incomplete, here's what I've come up with so far:

Prinn Zeslaja, the royal on the run.
Jann Szoło, losing his colour.
And finally, wearing only his primer...

Master Y'Odour with his legendary "Light Hummer".

    To be continued...

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