Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Buy It Now!

So I've been on a little ebay bender of late, snatching up some very nice books (Heroes for Wargames came in the mail last week!) waiting on Call of Cthulhu 3rd edition & 3 issues of Dagon, and some tasty miniatures (Iron Claw "Dambo Kweltz", RT Imperial troopers, etc.). I should probably stop... But now I want these...
The whole top row are great!
3rd on the right, the rest don't really tickle me fancy.
Mirilton "Future Warrior" range Bike Gang[CW1515] & Rebels[CW1504], respectively.

I reckon they'd make great Space 'Pirates'/Rogue Traders, especially the large guy in the Rebels pack, looks like an intimidating space trucker, and the babes in the Bike Gang are perfect.

Bring on next pay day...

...or I'll just...

Buy It Now! I should probably save some money for food or something just as useless...

Until the next instalment of my bland existence: have some bloody virtue why don't ya?

the Witchfinder In General (AKA: Witchsmeller Pursuivant/Sat├ónico Profanador/Jaguar Fancy/J.R.G.)

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