Friday, 2 May 2014

Oldhammer Legacy Warband: Contribution: Parte the Firste

Problematic foot.

     As no doubt some of you out there will know, over on the Oldhammer forum there’s a bloody great painting challenge going on right now. Yes friends, I speak of the legendary interracial Oldhammer Legacy Warband muster for which my entry is a halfling from Julie Guthrie’s Personalities range originally released by Grenadier (I think) and then picked up by Mega Miniatures (from whence I aquired it not long before the collapse). I chose this particular model mainly due to the smooth and bare shield. A little oldschool shield painting is definitely in order! The design that sprung to mind is fairly basic, being an icecapped mountain with either a blue sky or a sunset behind it and the arrow of law below. I might be getting a bit ambitious though, it’s been a while since I’ve touched brush to lead with paint inbetween. I hope I do both the miniature and the warband justice. This is the progress I’d made so far two nights ago:

 Stage the Onest: Thee Fleshe.
     I started writing this post (primarily the intro) as a distraction from painting the bloody right foot. I’ve tried three times now to get it looking right but it just doesn’t want to look good! One foot looks passable at this stage, but oh no, not the other one. In the end I just gave up and began working on the clothing, which is the stage I am currently at: Stage the Seconde: Thee Cloathe, more to come on this in the next couple of days.
    In other news I’ve finally moved house, being reunited with my lead after so many months, to a nice quiet place out where things are generally greener all around. It’s a lovely change from the squalid inner city hovel of untold dirty secrets I previously inhabited, though I will certainly miss its charm, the pleasant memories and its close proximity to everything. On my latest venture into the land of scraped skies I picked up a pot of Hobgoblin Orange and some old Yellow Wash, both practically full (the wash was unopened!) which was a nice little suprise on such a wet and miserable day.

     I almost forgot! A few weeks ago I stumbled upon a $20 box of 160+ mainly early 90s/some 80s miniatures at the op shop (charity store to you foreigners), which I promptly purchased! When I got home the real fun began as I started to sort out what was inside. Turns out it contained a small High Elf army (100+ models) circa 1992 with a high contingency of Marauder minitures, two bolt throwers (but only one crew), two High Elf chariots, four ‘92 halflings, four 3rd ed plastic orcs, a bunch of 3rd/4th ed card buildings and to top it off a bloody (albeit in considerable disrepair with a snapped wing and gluegloop detail obstruction) Maraduer ‘Thaindon’s Dragon’. Bloody bargain!

Well, it’s time to quit the babbling and get to painting. 
Until we meet again: 
Arise all ye faithful to the sword!

- The Witchfinder in General.


  1. He's looking just the job! I wish I'd been aware of those figures when they were available :-(

    1. I was lucky to stumble across them on the Mega Miniatures site before they shut down business and promptly bought a bunch, not enough though.