Thursday, 29 May 2014


I've been thinking (usually a bad sign)... I need a Navigator for my RT warband... and since I don't have one I thought: bugger it I'll try and make one meself! Thus what follows is my first experimental foray into sculpting with GS... I'm not expecting great results, I've never done anything on this scale before but here goes!

First step: The Wire Frame.
   I couldn't find any paperclips lying around (and it's too late to go down the shops to get some) so I used a bit of copper wire I found. Stripped the insulating plastic and wound the sucker round itself til it was sturdy enough. Made a basic humanoid shape (glued the arm/chest section on for stability)... Forgot to take a photo before I started adding GS, got a bit too excited.

Second step: Fleshing it Out.
Surfing kung-fu navigator navigating.
   I've managed to get this little bugger to strike a dynamic pose, designed to look like he's navigating (pointing) which way to go. It's peen a little difficult to keep the pose due to the softness of the wire being used but I'm hoping that once the first layer of GS dries it'll stiffen everything up. I'm pretty happy with the pose so far and I think he's gonna size up well to the RT minis, somewhere in between 25-28mm. I'm gonna have to cut his wire head off when I get started on that area but it's a nice little indicator at this point of his proportions. Time to do some concept sketches while the first layer hardens so I have a rough idea of what I want to achieve...

coming soon: 
Third step: More Fleshing Out. Time to start working on the clothing...

- the Witchfinder in General.

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