Sunday, 18 May 2014

Terrain: Hedgerow

It's been a while since I've attempted to make any terrain. Everything I've started so far, many a bald and naked hill, has yet to see completion. I'm going with something small and simple, a hedgerow. This way I have no excuse not to finish it as I have all the materials and tools I need.

I started by sawing a 11cm (well, 10.9) by 2cm section of 0.5cm thick wood to use as the baseplate, I had a bit of this wood lying around from the old house as I figured it be perfect for a sturdy baseplate. Anyway, from there I cut a section of polystyrene roughly 3cm high and 10cm long and glued it to the base, pva and sand and bob's your mother's dad's brother in law, ready to paint black.
Foundry mini for scale, cat for cat.
From here it was simple; drybrush the base, paint the polystyrene section a dark shade of green & glue on some "Spring Undergrowth". There ya go, a hedgerow in buggerall time.

- The Witchfinder in General.

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